about the tours in 2018

During 2018 we visit Lofoten at winter, summer and autumn. The famous archipelago has a lot to offer and every season has something unique to it. The winter and autumn tours will both be an opportunity to experience the northern lights (aurora borealis), while the summer tour is more of a tour to experience the vistas found in this region. 

As we get closer to the end of summer our friend Ted Gore will join us and we will visit Nordreisa, the Lyngenfjord and Senja. This workshop is extraordinary as it combines a river boat tour deep into the national park of Nordreisa. We will also visit incredible location in the vicinity of the Lyngenfjord. Ending this workshop in the landscape photography pearl that is Senja. 

As we near the end of 2018, we will visit the saga island. This tour to Iceland will stretch from the iconic Kirkjufell to the peaks of Vestrahorn. The south coast of Iceland really has it all from coastal scenes, to mighty waterfalls and striking landscapes. Depending on how early the winter comes we will visit the highlands and/or an ice cave.

All of our tours are suitable for both the novice and experienced photographer.

Join us as we visit some of the most scenic destinations the north has to offer!


See you in 2018!


U P C O M I N G  T O U R S

Winter in lofoten

Join us on this adventure in the beautiful and snow covered Lofoten region.

Dates: March 2nd - 9th, 2018
Availability: Full. Waiting list
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Postcards from lofoten

Let us take you through the world class locations throughout the islands of Lofoten. Experience the long golden hours and the midnight sun.

Dates: July 27th - August 3rd, 2018
Availability: 10
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Senja and nordreisa
with ted gore

Let us guide you through the unexplored north while you learn photography and post-processing from a master of landscape photography!

August 10st - 17th, 2018
Availability: 8

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Northern lights in Lofoten

Join us as we take on the Lofoten in autumn colors. During this tour, we will make sure you have the best possible chance to experience the northern lights. 

Dates: September 14th-21st, 2018
Availability: 10

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Iceland: The land of Fire and ice

Join us as we take on the saga island. Famous for its many waterfalls and lava fields. At this time of year the nights are also dark enough to witness the elusive northern lights. This will be epic!

Dates: October 12th - 19th, 2018
Availability: 6
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