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Friday August 10th - Friday august 17th, 2018

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about the workshop

Join us and our friend Ted Gore, as we take on the beauty which is well hidden in the valley of Reisadalen. We will work our way from the majestic waterfalls Imo and Mollis to the iconic peaks and fjords of the Senja island. Combining a guided river boat tour with a few hikes, we progress our way from Nordreisa to Senja. This tour will be an adventure you´ll never forget!

As we progress from Nordreisa to Senja we will visit the ultra traditional island of Uløya. We will spend the night here and explore the islands beauty. If you haven´t tasted stock fish before, this will be a good chance for that!

As we continue west we will visit a few spectacular locations within the Lyngen Alps. Our head scout Roy has a few gems up his sleeve. 

We will end this workshop with the cherry on top that is the island of Senja. Senja is the home of amazing vistas and this will be a good finale to this workshop. 


ABOUT nordreisa and senja

We will start this photo tour in Nordreisa, a municipality north in the county of Troms (the second most northern county in Norway). 4500 people have decided that this is the place to set roots. Including our guides. Nordreisa is famous for its salmon fishing opportunities in the river Reisaelva. The river leads up all the way into the Reisa national park, which eventually borders to Finland. 
As this tour progresses, we will visit a few local places along the Lyngenfjord. One of these places is called Havnnes, and this is a small settlement on the island of Uløya with a population of 50. The highlights of this visit will be an incredible view of the Lyngen Alps. And you might want to try to local stockfish!

After we´ve explored some of the places found along the Lyngenfjord, we will eventually get to Senja. Senja is the second-largest island in Norway and is well-known for it´s fjords and peaks. It´s been referred to as a miniature version of Norway. The island's diverse scenery reflects almost the entire span of Norwegian nature. Senja is well known domestically for its beautiful scenery, and is marketed as a tourist attraction.

Senja, Norway’s second-largest island, rivals Lofoten and Vesterålen for natural beauty yet attracts a fraction of the visitors (we meandered the length of its northern coastline in the height of summer and saw very few vehicles). It’s an island that warrants patient exploration, and at least two full days to fully appreciate its quiet beauty
— Lonely Planet

the guides


about ted gore

Ted Gore is a landscape photographer based in southern California and has gained massive international acclaim for his development of a highly sophisticated style of photography characterized by a combination of ambitious compositions and seductive processing. 

 Ted was awarded the title of USA Landscape Photographer of the Year for 2015.


Roy is our head scout and globetrotter. This guy knows about local gems, few locals even know about. Roy will take us beyond the highlights you have seen a thousands times before.



Tor-Ivar has been featured both by national and international newspapers . In addition he has been nominated Astrophotographer of the Year by the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. Tor will teach you some neat tricks in Photoshop.

Tor-Ivar is today brand ambassador for the Norwegian shoe producers Alfa Sko.


Day 1: Meet & Greet
You will arrive and will be picked up at Sørkjosen Airport (SOJ) at approximately 8pm. We will get you checked in at the hotel before we make our way to a local resturant and enjoy a 3 course meal. After we´ve eaten and mingled a little, Ted will have an opening seminar about composition and in-field techniques. 

Day 2: Reisa national park
On the second day of this tour we will be taking a guided river boat tour into the national park. Here we will spend spend the day doing some easy hiking and visiting highlights like the water falls Mollis and Imo.

Day 3: Havnnes
The highlights of this day will be a medium leveled hike in Straumfjorden. After the hike the intention is to begin our journey towards Senja and we will spend the night at Havnnes. 

Day 4: Glacier visit
This day will take us to a glacier in Lyngen as well as a stop at Otertinden in Storfjord. This will also be the day we arrive at Senja.

Day 5 & 6: Senja
These two days will be spen exploring the fjords and peaks of Senja. The island of Senja is full of amazing places both high and low. It is with good reason the island often is referred to as a miniature version of Norway. This place has it all. Jaws will drop!

Day 7: Sunrise and transport to Tromsø
This last day of the tour we will capture the sunrise at Senja before setting course to Tromsø Airport. 



- You should bring a camera you are comfortable using. We recommend you to bring a camera with full manual control as well as interchangable lenses.

- We will be photographing a variety of locations, so having selection of lenses to chose from is nice. Our recommendation is that you cover the range from 14mm to 200mm. 

- A tripod is recommended as we will work with exposure blending and also longer exposures.

Filters are optional, but highly recommended.

- A laptop able to run Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop is highly recommended as you´ll be able to receive personal tutoring in those application.

- Extras like batteries, memory cards and lens cloth is also highly recommended. 


Difficulty level:

This tour is for both the beginners and the professional photographers. 
As for physical requirements, we will do some level of hiking every day, so it is advisable that you are in shape to hike a few kilometers with an elevation of 300-500m. These hikes will normally stretch from 1 to 2 hours (one way).


- Hiking boots, you will spend most of your day in these, so they should be broken in.

- You need to be able to protect yourself from the elements, so a good water-resistant jacket is recommended. 

- We recommend you to bring a pair of rain boots, as we will be playing around and in water for some long exposures. Waders or neoprene socks are also good alternatives.

- Base- and mid-layers are nice to have as temperatures will vary some and we can expect some wind for sure. 

- We recommend you to bring a hat and a pair of gloves as well. It is often windy at the mountain.


what´s included and what´s not?

Included: Seminar about composition and in-field techniques, breakfast, lunch, dinner, photo guiding, transportation between the locations of the workshop, accommodation, post-processing sessions as well as any in-field tutoring. 
During the duration of the workshop we will make sure that you will get a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. This includes a 3 course meal at the Meet & Greet.

Not Included: Any travel services required for arriving/departing at Sørkjosen airport (SOJ)/Tromsø airport (TOS).  Drinks, snacks, gratitudes and souvenirs.


Booking info

Dates: August 10th- August 17th, 2018
Availability: 8 of 8
Payment: €3790. Based on double occupancy. Single room is extra.
To reserve your seat you need to pay a deposit of €800. All transfers are done via PayPal or Bank Transfer. The deposit is non-refundable and full payment is due 60 days prior to the tour.
Arrival: Sørkjosen Airport (SOJ). August 10th, no later than 8pm.
Departure: Tromsø Airport (TOS). August 17th, after 1pm.

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