Frequently Asked Questions


When is the best time to see the northern lights?

The aurora borealis season starts in September and ends in March. However, the northern lights aka aurora borealis can be visible in the last days of August and the first weeks of April. 


How can I reserve a spot at your photo workshops?

To reserve a seat at one of our tours you need to make a non-refundable deposit. The amount needed is listed at the specific tour.


what is your cancellation policy? 

Should you for any reason need to cancel your tour, your deposit is non-refundable. 
Your refund will vary related to the time you cancel in relation to the workshop.

8 weeks or more: 100% refund.
4-8 weeks before: 50% refund.
Less than 4 week: 0% refund.


what camera gear should i bring?

You need to bring a camera with manual settings and you need to know how to operate this camera yourself.

We recommend you to bring a selection of lenses giving you options between 14-200mm (Full Frame equivalent). For night photography you should have a fast and ultrawide angle lens (i.e 14mm f2.8).

You should bring a sturdy tripod and during winter we do recommend spikes.

For creative purposes we recommend you to bring filters for your lenses. The filters we use the most are 3 stop, 6 stop and 10 stop neutral density filters. A circular polarizer is nice to have as well as a graduated neutral density filter. 

We also offer discounted prices on a selection brands to our workshop participants. Some of the brands we work with are NiSi, Sirui, Lowepro, Zeiss and Tamron. 


how can i charge my stuff?

In Norway we use a Type F power sockets, which are 230V and 50Hz.
A smart tip would be to bring a power strip.

You can check if you need an adapter at this website


what and where will i eat?

Unless included where we stay, you will have to buy your own food. We do believe that eating some meals together is good for the group, so when we can, we eat together at the place we stay or at a restaurant/coffee shop along the way. Do not worry, we will make sure you get opportunities to buy what you need!


what insurances do i need?


To take part in our tours, you need to cover your own insurance needs. To participate in our tours you need to sign a disclaimer stating that we are not responsible for any accidents you might have unless we behave recklessly.