Who are we?

With local knowledge and a professional level of photography skill, we will make sure that you get a 5-star stay with us. Wherever we go. 

So let's get to it. Here are our guides.


Tor-Ivar Næss

Tor-Ivar is a 35 year old Norwegian from Nordreisa in Northern Norway. He is the CEO and one of three founders of Nordic Photo Tours. He has been doing photography since 2012 and really broke through in 2015, when he got featured by Daily Mail (UK)

Tor-Ivar is also brand ambassador for the Norwegian shoe makers Alfa Sko

You can learn more about Tor-Ivar at his website, Instagram or Facebook.


Roy Einar Jensen

Roy is our one of three founders of Nordic Photo Tours and our head scout plus globetrotter. This guy knows about local gems, few locals even know about. Roy will take us beyond the highlights you have seen a thousands times before.

You can find out more about what Roy is up to at Instagram


Even Tryggstrand

Even is our shooting star on Instagram and one of three founders of Nordic Photo Tours. Since he picked up a camera a few years ago he has been featured by Instagram as well as local and national newspapers in Norway. 

Even also bears the title as brand ambassador for Manfrotto.

Learn more about what Even is up to at Instagram or Facebook


Mikkel Beiter

Mikkel is our Danish friend. He is based in Copenhagen, but feels that his second home is the Lofoten Islands.
Mikkel has been publish by the likes of BBC and National Geographics. This guy became the Aurora Borealis photographer of the year in 2017 at Insights annual Astronomy Photographer of the Year and to top the year off, he won Sony World Photography Awards.

Learn more about Mikkel at his website, Instagram or Facebook.

Mikkel will be co-guiding with Tor-Ivar in the Arctic Light workshop in Lofoten.


Ted Gore

Ted is a landscape photographer based in southern California and has gained massive international acclaim for his development of a highly sophisticated style of photography characterized by a combination of ambitious compositions and seductive processing.
Ted was awarded the title of USA Landscape Photographer of the Year for 2015, judged by a panel of highly regarded landscape photographers such as Marc Adamus, Art Wolfe, Charlie Waite, and others.

Learn more about Ted at his website, Instagram or Facebook.

Ted will be co-guiding with Tor-Ivar and Mikkel in the Arctic Light workshop in Lofoten.


James Lloyd Cole (@earthfocus)

James is a social media entrepreneur and a talented photographer based out of Bulkington, United Kingdom.

James´ eye for photography is well known and this is also presented in his fine selection of images through @earthfocus and @roamtheplanet.

You can learn more about James through his personal account at Instagram.

James will be co-guiding with Even at the Winter in Lofoten workshop.


Mads Peter Iversen

Mads is a prize winning photographer and YouTuber based out of Silkeborg, Denmark.

Ever since entering the YouTube arena, Mads has guided several photography workshops in both Iceland and the Faroe Islands. We are stoked to have him with us to our Colors Of The Lofoten Islands workshop!

You can learn more about Mads through his YouTube, Instagram and Facebook pages.


Rachel Jones Ross

Rachel is a full-time photographer based out Calgary, Canada.

Through her fairytale like images, the Canadian professional has gained massive attention. Rachel has been teaching workshops in the Canadian Rockies for a long time and she has just lately become a Sony Alpha Imaging Collective member.

We are excited to have Rachel with us. You can join Rachel and Nordic Photo Tours in March, when we go to saga islands we know as Iceland.

You can learn more about Rachel through her website, Instagram and Facebook pages.