Winter in Lofoten

Friday march 2nd - Friday march 9th, 2018

1 spot open

about the workshop

This week we will visit arguably the most picturesque region in Norway. The Lofoten Islands will be covered in snow from top to bottom. 

We will spend this week exploring the many world class location the region has to offer. With a base at the Hattvika Lodges, we are lodging in the heart of Lofoten - giving us access to amazing location with ease. The lodge at Hattvika balances the feeling of luxury and living at sea lodge perfectly. You will be amazed!

We will pick you up at Evenes Airport and take you and the rest of the eager photographers to Hattvika Lodge where we will start off with a proper meet and greet. At this point you will get to know us a bit better as well as the other participants. 

During this week you will get courses in night photography specifically oriented towards capturing the northern lights aka the aurora borealis. We will tutor in our ways of post-processing as well and in-field techniques such as focus stacking, blending exposures and shooting for dynamic range.



Lofoten is an archipelago famous for its dramatic scenery. A string of islands are connected by road, bridges and tunnels. In each of these islands you will find picturesque villages and hidden beaches. In total the region has a population of about 24500. 

Our basecamp will be at the heart of Lofoten, at the beautiful Hattvika Lodge in the small town of Ballstad. 

You’ll never forget your first approach to the Lofoten Islands. The islands spread their tall, craggy physique against the sky like some spiky sea dragon, and you wonder how human beings eke out a living in such seemingly inhospitable surroundings. The beauty of this place is simply staggering.
— Lonely Planet


about even tryggstrand

Even is our shooting star of Instagram. Since he picked up a camera a few years ago he has been featured by Instagram as well as local and national newspapers in Norway. 

Even also bears the title as brand ambassador for Manfrotto.

about roy einar jensen

Roy is our head scout and globetrotter. This guy knows about local gems, few locals even know about. Roy will take us beyond the highlights you have seen a thousands times before.


about tor-ivar næss

Tor-Ivar has been featured both by national and international newspapers . In addition he has been nominated Astrophotographer of the Year by the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London. Tor will teach you some neat tricks in Photoshop.

Tor-Ivar is today brand ambassador for the Norwegian shoe producers Alfa Sko.



During this week in Lofoten we will visit world-class locations like Reine, Unstad and Uttakleiv. We will prioritize sunrises, sunsets and if the weather permits the elusive northern lights. 
The weather in Lofoten is highly unpredictable, this will give us many unique chances to capture amazing light throughout the day. Dramatic weather demands proper clothing, so prepare to bring your best winter clothing. Due the unpredictable weather in Lofoten, we will adapt to it in regards of locations. 

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what to bring?

- You should bring a camera you are comfortable using. We recommend you to bring a camera with full manual control as well as interchangable lenses.

- We will be photographing a variety of locations, so having selection of lenses to chose from is nice. A wide angle lens as well as a telephoto lens is recommend. It is also highly recommend that you have a ultrawide angle lens with an aperture of f2.8 or faster to capture the aurora borealis.

- Since part of this tour is about capturing the night sky as well, you will need a tripod to be able to do long exposures.

Filters are optional, but recommended.

- A laptop able to run Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop is highly recommended as you´ll be able to receive personal tutoring in those application.

- Extras like batteries, memory cards and lens cloth is also highly recommended. Batteries will drain fast in the cold.


- Lofoten Islands will be at its peak of winter at this time and temperatures will most likely be cold. The weather can change very fast, so proper winter clothing is necessary. Being able to protect ourselves from the elements is key to a successful workshop.

A good set of base layers, mid-layers for warmth such as fleece and down. A shell jacket and quick-dry hiking pants will help to protect against the elements as well. Good snow boots or insulated hiking boots are advised. Having a warm hat and gloves is essential. A face cover, such as a balaclava, may also help you to be more comfortable in windy conditions.

We will spend a good amount of time outside in the dark, so bring a head lamp.


what´s included and what´s not?

Included: Photo guiding, transportation, accommodation at Hattvika Lodge, post-processing sessions as well as any in-field tutoring. 

Not Included: Any travel services required arriving and departing at and from the Harstad/Narvik airport (EVE). Any private insurances, taxes, meals*, beverages, snacks and any gratitudes.

* Hattvika Lodge offers us an optional 3 meals a day pack. That is breakfast, lunch and dinner. This pack includes two 3-course meals. The meals will be prepared by local chefs at Hattvika Lodge. 
This option is an added cost of €600. Drinks not included.


Booking info

Dates: March 2nd-9th, 2018
Availability: 1 spot open
Payment: €2890
Based on double occupancy. Single room is extra.

Arrival: Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes. March 2nd no later than 11:30am.
Departure: Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes. March 9th anytime.

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